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Porches & Decks

Porches & Decks | Holmes Construction & Fence Chattanooga, TN

We provide safe & strong hardwood decks & porches that are resistant to decay, rot, many forms of insects, and so on. Each step is thoroughly discussed, from design down to the finished products. Each porch & deck is created using the best craftsmanship with safety in mind.

Whether you’re looking to boost your curb appeal and become the envy of the neighborhood, or just looking to add value to a home that’s being put on the market – a deck & porch is always a great option that is available!


Porches are often used in the front of a home, whether just to provide a space near the front door, or to completely wrap around the entire home.


Decks are often used in the back of a home, and are used as part of your backyard to provide easy access to your home or your garden, while also providing a beautiful look.

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