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Wood Fencing

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We offer wood fencing options – using low-density cypress, pine, cedar, and redwood hardwoods – making our fences less likely to warp! We provide private/semi-private, picket, post & rail, decorative, and pool fencing options in wood! Whether you’re wanting to enclose a pool for safety reasons, or to place around your yard for a beautiful look – a wood fence may be the option for you!

Private / Semi Private Wood Fencing Options:

  • Shadowbox – Boards are placed on either side of the fences rail, & spaced properly for good privacy, but still allowing airflow.
  • Solid Board – The most common style of wood fence options, good for noise control, & visual barriers.
  • Lattice – Typically a solid board style fence with a topper design.
  • Stockade – A solid board style is used, with a colonial design, where the top can be rounded, smoothed, or pointed.
  • Picket Fencing Options:

  • Spaced – more of a traditional historical design.
  • Spaced Board – often a low design, allowing visibility over & through the fence.
  • Post & Rail Fencing Options

    We offer a round, square, split rail, & guard styles. These wood fences are often used to contain animals, such as horses or cows!

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